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One Teacher, His Students and Hip Hop

22 Jun

A day in a classroom with a Teachers and Students who discuss Old School Hip Hop n R&B

As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to connect and / or relate to my students. There are a few topics that almost always break generation gaps. In my opinion, the two topics are sports and music. Ask 100 students to talk about sports and you will get dozens upon dozens of different answers. The replies will range from a favorite player to a preferred position on a team. However, a large percentage of students will reply that they don’t like sports. Ask 100 students if they like music and you will get 99 or 100 positive replies.

Today, I stumbled upon an awesome website to use in my classroom. On, you will find exactly what you would expect on a website titled “No Cursing Music.” DJ Doc provides visitors to his website over 40 hours of mixed old school Rap, Hip Hop and R&B music. One hundred percent of the tracts are without any cursing or profanity. From my online searches, this is the only website where you can listen to this many tracks for free. Visitors are able to select tracks from three options. DJ Doc has carefully uploaded 36 one hour tracks and 4 half hour mixes.

There are countless current Rap, Hip Hop and R&B artists saying that these “Old School” artists provided them inspiration. As a teacher, I can play one of these clips and then introduce the “Old School” tracks. With a blessing from current artists, these tracks will be heard with open ears. As a teacher, I’m on a limited budget. There is not any other place online to listen to these tracks with no charge. As a parent, this website has me excited to share my roots with my daughter.

You seriously won’t ever go back to Youtube after you stop by No Cursing Music. This is the only website to offer fans zero talking and zero profanity recordings for Rap, Hip Hop and R&B. This website isn’t only teacher friendly but it is parent friendly. You can listen to these tracks with your children. There is nothing more powerful than providing your children different experiences as they develop and grow.

The final reason that I fell in love with No Cursing Music and DJ Doc is that I can jump on the website at anytime. Due to the nature of DJ Doc’s website, is that it is “always on.” Visitors can use their smart phones, laptops, desktops, iPhones, Kindles or any other device that can access the Internet. You can jump on from home, at work or any place with WiFi access. DJ Doc took the all of the cursing out of the tracks. Thus, the website will not be blocked even by the strictest Internet filters. Please don’t take my word for how awesome No Cursing Music is! Head on over to right now!

Chris Smith, MEd.
Middle School Teacher


Profanity-Free Hip Hop and R&B for Your Listening Pleasure

13 Jun

There is no greater resource for all the great music that you love than the internet. What the internet has been lacking a website where you can go for the best in hip hop and R&B without all of the cursing. Here you can find over 40 hours of nonstop music to enjoy without ever having to worry about hearing any profanity. All the songs that featured any profanity have had those words bleeped out. This has created a place you can go to for your music listening pleasure without having to be embarrassed by rough language.  Read on to discover all the benefits of enjoying music on this website.

A non-cursing hip hop and R&B website is an innovation. This is something that many have waited for a very long time but has not been available until now.  Other places online that play hip hop and R&B do not seem to mind the offence that profanity can cause the listeners. For the first time a complete collection of R&B and hip hop music has been presented free of all the controversial language that has stopped many from enjoying some of the songs they love.

Here you get the very best of hip hop and R&B. Every piece of music here has been carefully hand-picked for your listening pleasure. All you have to do is let the music play and you get to hear some of the finest R&B and hip hop musing around. Besides, with over 40 hours of nonstop music, boredom is a thing of the past.  You can constantly have fresh songs flowing through your speakers. Turn the music up when you are working, having a good time, or just trying to relax. The songs played here are sure to be enjoyed.

With absolutely no profanity you do not have to worry about others being offended by the music you listen to. There is no need to worry when there are children around. You can still enjoy your music  while in a family- friendly atmosphere. This music on this site is an absolute pleasure to listen to and that pleasure is even greater because there is no cause for embarrassment.

Other websites may have no interest in providing you with profanity  free music, but that is okay because you have a great resource of non-cursing music right here. You do not even have to miss out on your favorite songs that happen to have some profanity because it all has been taken out , leaving only good music.  Some of the best songs in hip hop and R&B can be found right on this website.  What makes it even better is the fact that it’s free! BANG BANG!